Thursday, March 19, 2015

Arabic Alphabet Letter Craft (set 3)

Assalamu Alaikum

Very sorry for the long delay, so here's the set 3 and now going to get busy with set 4 ;).

Saa'd is for Sunduq (Box)
Cut the Saa'd within the box like stencil and pasted on tp of the blue paper and made a flap

Llaa'd is for Llafda' (Frog)

Th'aa is Th'aair (Bird)
Made the tail and the wings with crape papers.

Llaa is Llarafa (Envelope)
Made the envelope and pasted the Llaa, and oh!! there is a letter too.

A'ayn for I'nabun (Grapes)
Crumpled crape papers pasted on A'ayn, attached the leaves and spiral paper ribbons. 

Gh'ayn for Ghaymah (Cloud)
Pasted the cloud with cotton wool.

This time Sm!ley with I'nabun.

Click for Arabic Letter Craft;

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