Friday, November 15, 2013

Arabic Alphabet Letter Craft (set 1)

Assalamu Alaikum

Alphabet crafts are very popular among kids and there are lots and lots of craft around the web. When I started the Alphabets with $weety I thought to add a letter craft for the letter of the week, crafts were available for English letters but what will i do for the Arabic letters??? I searched on the net but couldn't find one. 

So I decided to make myself and here they are;

 Alif is for Abu ( father)
Added Abi's head with cap and legs hehehe and the beard too :)

Baa is for bathun (duck)
$weety wrote Baa on it

Thaa is for thaaj (crown)
Used glitter and two Nuktha's as gems and wrote Taa on it

Saa is for sa'lab (snake)
Finger paint and added a head

Jeem is for jamalun (camel)
Did this with sand and added a carpet

Ha is for hamamathun (pigeon)
Painted with grey water color and added a beak and a wing. 

Khaa is khathim (ring)
Pasted the Nuktha with colored stones

 $weety holding her letter Jamalun.

I make the craft using Bristol board, as you can see I use stapler to add the attachment to a letter coz stapler is better than glue and most of all small hands like to snap with a stapler than glue. I really loved to do these without adding eyes but once we finish the craft, $weety asked where are the eyes and I explained the subject to her, but she couldn't understand. So I thought i'll do this when she's old enough to understand.
Inshallah next I'll post the other Arabic letters and the English letters.

Click for - Arabic Letter Craft 
Click for - English Letter Craft 

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