Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Arabic Alphabet Letter Craft (Set 4)

Assalamu Alaikum

Finally!!! Alhamdulillah here's the last set; (sorry the pics aren't so clear)

Faa is for Farawilah (Strawberry)

Khaff is for Kamr (Moon)
Decorated with glitter

Kaaf is for Kursy (Chair)
Covered with toothpick and the legs are from popsicle stick  

Laam is for Lowza (Almond)

Meem is for Mifthah (Key)

And here comes the next letter!!!

Tadaa...!! Noon is for Naafizah (Window)

Hhaa is for Halib (Anchor)

Waaw is for Waradun (Rose)
(Doesn't my Waaw looks WOW!!:p)

Made the rose from a piece of ribbon and ran the thread through it.

Yaa is for Yaddun (Hand)

$weety holding a Wardah and Sm!ley with Halib...

Click for- Aabic Letter Craft

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