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In the name of Allah the Merciful, the very Beneficent.



The moon is shining, the sun is setting, are we slow? or is the time fast? Subhanallah, whatever it is, We know everything is done by Allah(SWT). 
I don't know how the time flies after $weetie was born. We still remember and enjoyed her crawling when she was 1, took her first step when she was 2 and her first time of talking with funny words, I still remember and make me laugh now. She was growing into a lovely girl. Those are memories...

So when $weetie was 2 , We kept the Niyat to complete the fifth duty of Islam, HAJJ. We began the arrangements, and then...guess what happened? (the same what happened earlier). I had my checkup and realized I was pregnant again. The same feeling rushed inside me, to worry or to be happy? And I believed this was a test gave by my Lord and excepted it. We said Alhamdulillah and postponed our journey again. 
I was excited to have the baby, coz once again I'm going to experience the feelings and all that what I went through before, and mostly a sibling for the BIG Sister Subhanallah!!.   

So the duty of a parent starts. Recited Surah Yoosuf often and did what all that what I did for $weetie, with an extra Dua. When I was pregnant with $weetie I didn't wish for a girl or boy, coz both were great for us even twins lol. But now without realizing, my heart wished for a boy. I said this to my hubby and he said he was feeling the same.So I asked my Lord who has created us and created what we needed and granting all what we are wishing for and giving us the best. Ya Allah, If it is only Khair, (good) for us grant us a baby boy. I firmly requested, if it is ONLY Khair Ya Allah.

As a mother of one kid (with the experience I'm having). I had Questions, will I raise my kids in the way of Islam? Will I be able to reach my goal? And If I get a baby boy, will I be able to raise him? coz girls and boys are different from behaviorism. And these questions made me worry so much that made me ask lots and lots of Dua seeking help from him

As the baby grows, we explained $weetie in her language that a baby is inside ummi's tummy and pray to Allah give us a righteous and healthy one. To create a bond between them I always talk with her about the baby and make her to talk with the baby. Most of the time she kiss my tummy and calls Thambi (brother)

My delivery happened to be on my regular clinic date which was on 27- Dul Qa'da-1433, Sep-14-2012. The day I thought I'm done. It was OK with $weetie not tough like this, anyway if it wasn't for my God's grace and my hubby's support, I wouldn't have made it. 

When a person is in love with something, who will understand and fulfill it? Of course the one who loves the person will. So my Lord understood my wishes and granted a cute cuddly baby boy, who weight 3.5 kg and was best in his health, Alhamdulillah!!.
My hubby whispered  the Azan and sweetened the baby's mouth with dates.

Ibn Asakir and Hussain Ibn Ahmad has stated that Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (SAL) said, "If a son is born to you and out of love and respect for me and to obtain the blessings of my name, you keep the child's name 'Muhammad', then the father and child will both enter Jannah. to know more about the Hadith)
So we named him Muhammad, our beloved Prophet's name.

On the seventh day we shaved his head, gave Sadaqah for it's weight and circumcised. And for Aqeeqah we kept a dinner function inviting families, friends and ulamas. It was like a blessing night for us coz everybody was happy for keeping the name Muhammad and made countless Dua. Alhamdulillah!.

The reason I'm writing this post is for my children, so they will know that we had done our duty which we had to do when they have been created inside our womb and after birth as Islam has said. So that they understand the value of motherhood and its responsibilities and could do better than this in their time of life with clear knowledge than us Inshallah.

Oh my Lord, so far we have done these only to please you with the best of our knowledge, if we have missed or mistaken any of these forgive us and guide us to raise our children in the way of Islam.Ya Allah bless our children and give them the best of health and guide them to the straight path, Ameen!!!.

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