Preschool Curriculum.

In the name of Allah the Merciful, the very Beneficent

$weetie was three when I started Preschool. She's a bit slow learner, so the curriculum depends on her learning progress.

  • Memorizing Surah's (the far she can).
  • Qaaidah.
  • Arabic Alphabet coloring book from Almah's Journey

  • Sleeping
  • Wake up
  • Enter bathroom
  • Exit bathroom
  • Dressing
  • Before eating
  • After Eating
  • After drinking milk
  • Leaving the house
  • Entering the house
  • Travelling
  • Sneezing
  • Thanking
  • Thunderstorm

  • Introducing a letter for the week according to Alphabetical order.
  • Using the Phonics method.
  • Reading sight words.
  • To be well familiar with the sounds of the letters.
  • To recognize upper and lower case letters.
  • To read two or three letter words.
  • Pelangi  Phonics, Reader and Activity 1 and 2.
                               MPW Phonics Reader Book 1MPW Phonics Activity Book 1
                                MPW Phonics Reader Book 2MPW Phonics Activity Book 2
  • Introducing a letter for the week according to Alphabetical order (learning with Qaaidah).
  • To be familiar with the letters.
  • Learning certain words according to our learning method.
  • Introducing numbers 1 to 20.
  • To be familiar with numbers.
  • Count reliably upto 30.
  • Knowing the values of numbers 1 to 20.
  • MEP Reception.
  •  SPMG Infant Math book 1
  • To develop a proper method of pencil grip.
  • Tracing.
  • To be able to write the six strokes.

  • Colors
  • Animals
  • Myself
  • My family
  • Five senses
  • Shapes and Solids
  • Weather
  • Pelangi Hop onto Science book 1 with Activity book 1.
                Hop Onto - Science (Reader 1)Hop Onto - Science (Activity Book 1)
  • Practical Life and more
  • Sensory
Other Activities.
  • Swimming
  • Pretend Play.

May Allah guide us through this, and make everything easy, smooth and understandable for $weetie. AMEEN!!.   
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