Saturday, February 9, 2013

Puzzle Fun.

Assalamu Alaikum:)

My mother bought this floor foam letter puzzle for $weetie when she was 2 years. Then she wasn't interested at all just for the colors. Last week when I took it out she saw this as a new toy and was very excited. This puzzle was great for $weetie's visual skill and hand coordination. 
So the fun we had together playing and learning...

Getting ready

Set the puzzle

Trying to set it perfectly

Finish doing the puzzle

Inserting the letters

Mashallah she recognized all the outlines at ones and inserted without my help

While inserting a letter, she asks the sound of the letter by asking
 this ummi"

Finished with the letters

After inserting the letters, I gave her these little foam which came with the puzzle
that covers the letter's holes.

Mashallah I didn't say her what is that or what she's supposed to do, she just took them looked it and then looked at the puzzle, she understood what she should do.


Showing her thumb telling Alhamdulillah all is finished.
She loved this so much that we did it thrice, when its play time this will be the first one to play.

This puzzle can be easy, but I didn't expect her to do all this, thought I should help her, but Mashallah when she did all this by herself I got to know she is improving her visual skill and hand coordination. Then I realized that my baby is growing.

Ya Allah make her as a righteous child that we intend her to be and give her the best of knowledge. Aameen.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fun with Writing

Assalamu Alaikum:)

Alhamdulillah got some time to Blog.
$weetie started to hold her pencil when she's 2 years old, I loved the way she writes (exactly scribbles lol) and names it. So on that day on wards I made her some worksheets and some learning papers (only on writing and drawing coz I didn't know there was worksheet available).
Activity sheets done by me for $weetie

Learning sheets done by her method of learning

So now a days (after knowing the available worksheets) I print a worksheet and give to her, after she's done with it, she ask again and again. Her favorite is matching, and now Mashallah tracing has joined in her favorite list. So the problem is i'm printing a huge amount of worksheets everyday, I thought to do it myself like earlier and realized the waste of time and my $weetie's patience till I finish. So I was searching for a solution and something clicked me, I have seen a binder book in a blog which the blogger has bought for her kid which has a lot of activity in it and the best thing is, it can be written and erased with a marker and a duster, I think some of you know this but this was very new to me. So with that idea i did something like this;

Bought markers, duster and some display books, made sure to see the size fit A4 sheet papers. Printed a lot of activity worksheets. Put them in the display book and that's it, after writing as much as your kids want, erase it and get ready to write again.

These are my display books which $weetie calls "marker books".The green display books holds all the activity sheets in it and i'm filling it with new ones too, and also $weetie's favorite.
Sizes and matching long and short

 Tracing ( $weetie's sweet writing)


 Tracing and identifying short and long

Shapes and identifying red color

Tracing and identifying same

The black display book contains Arabic worksheets that I make according to our lesson. So far we had done uptil Tha, and the Alif letter is taken out for $weety to do. 

And the blue display book contains our English alphabet worksheets which I also fill according to our lesson so far we had done uptil C

Letter A was taken out for $weetie.

I did this single display cover for $weetie to write a worksheet that I need her to concentrate for writing practice. For this I took off a page from the display book and sealed its vertical side with a sealer so I could change sheets in it.

After $weetie writes I'll make sure that she does erase before closing, coz if we erase after one day the ink will be a little visible, when its visible i'll put a drop of cologne onto duster and wipe the pages so it turns like a new one. 

Alhamdulillah these books make $weetie to sit and write and a great way for writing practice and I also see this as a worth time pass for my $weety. All praise is due to Allah for the idea and a solution he gave me to save ink from the printer (I really mean it) and for everything he provided us. 
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