The Petals

In the name of Allah the most Merciful, the most Beneficent

Assalamu Alaikum :D

~About me~

I'am a wife to my wonderful and loving husband, Ummu to two blessing kids Bareerah and Muhammad and a teacher to my $weetie and small nursery. I was married when i was seventeen & gave birth to my $weetie when i was eighteen. I love to draw, recite Quran and read books & books all kinds of books. I'am not sooo much into cooking but like to bake and try new recipe. Love my Lord Allah (SWT) the Sustainer of the world & hearafter, and also our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAL). My childhood ambition was to become a teacher & Allah has granted it. Alhamdulillah done a Diploma in Montessori, and was a training teacher, and now (coz of $weetie) I have my own nursery  with the help of Allah (SWT), my hubby & my mother. Trying my best to become a faithful slave to my lord in here & hearafter and also asking to make my homeschool a success in Dunya and Aakhira.  Aameen!!

~My Hubby~

A loving, gentle, wonderful, hard working, precious, pious (i can say more) husband and Ubby to my kids . All above he is faithful slave to Allah (SWT) in my view. He loves to gain Allah's pleasure with whatever he does and see what is right for our family.Homeschooling, nursery and diploma was one of them. He has helped me a lot in my Montessori work and had sacrificed a lot of time to help me and still does. I love him and thank Allah (SWT) for making him as my husband and to make him as my husband in hearafter too, and i also ask Allah (SWT)  to accept all his work and grant all his wishes. Aameen !!


Our first loving, absolutely Abi's girl. I have thought to call her $weetie coz of her sweet looks, sweet stubborn, sweet talk etc...  She loves creative play, talking, Wrestling with Abi and working with Ummi. Currently she's 8 and learning to recite and memorize the Quran.  Our aim is to make her a true slave to Allah (SWT),  as great visionary contributor to the Ummah in the best of her health, wisdom, intellect and a role model for her siblings (Inshaa Allah). Aameen!!!


Our second son, cute and cuddly. I have thought to call him smi!ey coz you guessed why, he is always into smiling and love when he does, special moments. Alhamdulillah he's currently 4 and has mastered his Arabic and English alphabets, Alhamdulillah. Teaching him is a new experience coz his learning styles are totally different than $weety and enjoying it Alhamdulillah!!  

~My Mother~

I really want to tell about her. Surely Mothers are amazing and I thank to Allah (SWT) that he bestowed me a special one. She lost her beloved husband and my dearest father 11 years ago, She raised us this far with Allah's help and still advise me to the straight path. She found me a perfect husband and helped me whenever i needed her, She still helps me with my nursery too. I owe her a lot, and i don't know how am i gong to repay all what she has done to me. I just wanted to say I Love You ma. May Allah accept all her works and grant her Jennathul Firdouse along with my Father (that's her deepest  wish). Aameen!! 


**May Allah bless our family**



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