Saturday, February 9, 2013

Puzzle Fun.

Assalamu Alaikum:)

My mother bought this floor foam letter puzzle for $weetie when she was 2 years. Then she wasn't interested at all just for the colors. Last week when I took it out she saw this as a new toy and was very excited. This puzzle was great for $weetie's visual skill and hand coordination. 
So the fun we had together playing and learning...

Getting ready

Set the puzzle

Trying to set it perfectly

Finish doing the puzzle

Inserting the letters

Mashallah she recognized all the outlines at ones and inserted without my help

While inserting a letter, she asks the sound of the letter by asking
 this ummi"

Finished with the letters

After inserting the letters, I gave her these little foam which came with the puzzle
that covers the letter's holes.

Mashallah I didn't say her what is that or what she's supposed to do, she just took them looked it and then looked at the puzzle, she understood what she should do.


Showing her thumb telling Alhamdulillah all is finished.
She loved this so much that we did it thrice, when its play time this will be the first one to play.

This puzzle can be easy, but I didn't expect her to do all this, thought I should help her, but Mashallah when she did all this by herself I got to know she is improving her visual skill and hand coordination. Then I realized that my baby is growing.

Ya Allah make her as a righteous child that we intend her to be and give her the best of knowledge. Aameen.

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