Friday, August 16, 2013

On the Eid Day 1434

Assalamu Alaikum

I hope all of you had a glorious Eid day.  Alhamdulillah this year we had the best Eid-Ul-Fitr day, coz we got to share our Eid with some $weetie's neighbors, family and friends by inviting them to small EID PARTY!!!.
I arranged the party in the class and gave some decoration to it;

Hanged a banner on the door way 

And another banner with two big glittering stars in the class

Some star garlands in each four corners.

And hanging stars on blinds.

Prepared giveaway gift bags with goodies. 
Things in the bag;

  • An Eid greeting card made by $weety (with my help)
  • An Eid coloring mini book
  • A party blow horn
  • A sticker sheet
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A sharpener
  • A balloon
  • An expandable water toy
  •  And some candies
For the food I made it simple coz the party time was after breakfast, My Sis baked some cupcakes and attached some Eid Mubarak topper on it, made sandwiches, cookies, agar jelly and a soft drink to go with it very simple. 

I started my party on the Eid day morning at 9:00 am to 12:pm, by wearing the party caps (only for little ones) and then talked about the blessings of Eid. Served the food, after finishing,  cleaned the place and got ready for some games.

We played;
Who can blow fast, with balloons 

After blowing I wrote the names on their balloon and tied it to their gift bags.

Next we played pillow passing

And then Tug of war and at last Tubs of Ilm, which I saw here. Sorry I couldn't take pics coz of the fun we are having.

At the end of the party $weety gave the gift bags away

After the party is over, it was family time.

Ummi's gifts for her loved ones's 

Play Dough for $weety

Toy drum set for Sm!ley (coz he always loves to bang things)

Nowadays $weety is fond of toy vehicles so Abi's gift for $weety, she unwrapped before I take a shot. 
My hubby also gave me a gift, an ornament to say he loves me. And I made him an Eid greeting card to say me too. So how was your EID!!!??

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