Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ramadan Bulletin board

Assalamu Alaikum

I wanted to make this Ramadan special for $weety and make her understand the blessing of this month, so due to that I made her a Ramadan Bulletin board with 30 days activity for $weety. I know that the activities are time consuming but I thought this will be the age for it, coz when she gets a little older she has better things to do than crafts and activities. So I thought to enjoy the most with her before she gets five, Inshallah.

I wanted the board to be viewed often so I hanged it in the kids room.So here's our Ramadan Bulletin Board; Sorry for the pics, they aren't so clear.  

 The theme of my kids room is purple and pink, so I made the board to go with it.

The first chart is, the good deed chart ready to be filled with stars I hope So I said $weety this is your sky and its plain with a moon so make it beautiful with stars by doing good deeds and if it is filled you will be getting a gift, I think now it will

And the other board contains.....;

The Fasting day cycle downloaded from IBB, I made it without the cover and added a peg to indicate the action.

Things that break fast is also from IBB

To count and color the days or maybe if she fasts will be adding a star sticker.

And this is the moon phase from NoorJanan, will be adding as the moon changes.

You'll be wondering what are the pegs hanging down??

These are the 30 days activity, for each day $weety would turn the card and will be doing that activity Inshallah. Its not a must that we should do it all, it depends on our day and $weety's mood. We do it or we skip it :)

Alhamdulillah we are covering everything and has done some activities so far and also skipped some, If I had time Inshallah I will post the activities in Ramadan or after the month.

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