Thursday, November 22, 2012

A change in the plan with Allah's Guide

Assalamu Alaikum :D

I started Homeschooling my $weetie and went through a lot of fuss and ended up in tantrums. I know homeschooling will be a little tough (you know ummi daughter thing), but its tougher than i thought. I tried to handle things gently with her, coz i know she has a her little sweet stubborn, but i failed. I was asking Allah to give me a solution, and at last my lord gave me. After a lot of mushoora's with my hubby, I thought... i'm going to teach my child. why not teach more? Alhadulillah i have a diploma in Montessori teaching and I have the courage to it (with Allah's blessings). We decided to keep a Nursery (which was my ambition earlier).That will make $weetie's stubborn a little controlled by other kids listening to me. And she will gain a lot of benefit in it. Such as:  

  • She'll be able to Socialize
  • She'll have friends
  • She'll be doing group works
  • And have lots of fun playing with kids under her age
  • Like she says she will feel she is going to a Montessori like her niece (with new bag, bottle and lunch box etc...)

 So with this new plan my homeschooling subject is not gonna change. Ill be doing it with my nursery Inshallah.

I know this is a huge responsibility and a lot of work, but everything is for Allah and my family.
For everything i pray Allah to guide me in every step i take, and make our time barakath in our life.AAMEEN!!...  

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