Tuesday, November 19, 2013

English Alphabet Letter Craft (set 1)

Assalamu Alaikum

So here are the English letter crafts, some are taken from Totally Tots, some can be others ideas and some are mine.

"A" is for Alligator 
Paper collage, attached the eyes and teeth.

"B" is for Bear
Colored, pasted with yarn and attached the eyes and ears (barely it looks like a hamster hehe:)

"C" is for Carrot
Pasted with dhal, attached the leaves made of glass paper and covered with a sellotape 

"D" is for Dog
Finger print and attached the tongue and ears

"E" is Elephant
Fabric collage and attached trunk and ears

"F" is for Fox
Cut squares and pasted attached a tail and ears 

"G" is for Goat
Attached horns, ears,

I just drew eyes with a felt pen instead of googly eyes coz googly eyes seems to be like... real and attractive. that's it for now, Inshallah see you with the other letters.

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