Thursday, February 20, 2014

Last Year with $weety

Assalamu Alaikum

We did some activities last year when $weety was three and didn't get the time to post it, Thought to post one by one but the time's passing and I thought mustn't make it later than this so just posting the pics to remember the fun we enjoyed

  • When she was curious about "Big and Small", This was the first activity we did, with the First Math activity book. 

Collected all the materials I could find and asked which was small and big?

At the end I asked out of all these things which is small? And Alhamdulillah she pointed to the small beads which was small.

  • Sorting Shapes, Colors and Sizes

At the beginning she only sort half of a set and she's done.  Mashallah one day she did all the three sets.

  • Sets 4 pieces of puzzles

When I bought it she couldn't set and began to put away in the box, later on she gave a try and Mashallah she did all four puzzles on her own.  

  • Sorting small, medium and big

  • Sorting my new pots with lids

It's shining ha!!

  • Copies a model

The model was made by me and she quickly started to build and Mashallah still when she takes the blocks she builds the same model first and proudly show me "Ummi's house" (or should i say tower ;)
And also she builds some fascinating models too..which astonishes me, coz she didn't had slight interest in building blocks at first. Always she does is throw and calls me "trouble Ummi" when I take the blocks and start building MY OWN.

  • $weety's first matching

Got the small cards from Almah's Journey and the big one from TJ's blog which is not working now.

  • First time with the play dough

What did we make??!! .....mmmm.....i think its a...... it looks like a flower pot......aahh! yes a flower pot!!!

 Alhamdulillah for the time I spent with my precious one, Alhamdulillah to the one and only who makes my Children learn and grow in front of us And Alhamdulillah for giving us the.....happy.. awesome feeling by wathching them grow.

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