Saturday, March 22, 2014

$weety's Arabic Madrasah

Assalamu Alaikum

Arabic language is so important to me than English or any other language coz it's the language of our Rabb and the language to understand The Quran and the language of our beloved Prophet (sal).

Everything $weety learns from me, Everything that I teach her, I do the best with my knowledge, except Arabic. I and my Hubby really love to engage her with Arabic from the beginning of homeschool. But the sad part is I have no knowledge of the Language.  

So we made a lot of Dua's regarding for a Best Arabic Madrasah, and began to search for one. And Alhamdulillah found one with some help from a good friend (may Allah grant her the best)

So after all the procedure my little girl went to her first Madrasah on Rabbi Al Thaani 5th 1435 -  5th February 2014, Mashallah she's very very happy about it and love to go. And I pray to Allah to keep that pure love only for him till the end and to give her the best knowledge with Akhlaq, Iman and Taqwa. Ameen!!!. 

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