Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shapes Street

Assalamu Alaikum :D

Last week we learned the basic shapes and did some collage. To review we did a small project. Mashallah it went well. The kids were playing while I sat on the floor and opened the project. It got their attention and came to sit with me, I explained them what to do and they were excited including my sweet $weetie.

The Project...

I drew this on a Bristol board with different colours using my plastic shapes. 

And cut the shapes with the same colours I drew.

This is what i did;
First took the circles and kept it on a board, then i pointed to a circle in the Bristol board and said " What is this shape? (answer). Can you find me the same colour of the shape?". $weetie is the first to give me (she is the one who always wants to be first when it comes to group work, only group work) and we pasted it.  I asked them just once and Mashallah $weetie and others got it and they did all by themselves, of course I was there for pasting help. The project in progress;

After circles we did Rectangle 

Asking Is it correct Ummi?

All set. $weetie said the middle house and car is her's LOL!

With a little touch up with crayons I attached it to the wall for her.
 There our Shapes Street on the wall. Done Alhamdulillah.
As soon as Abi came $weetie dragged him to the class and showed her house and her car, she really loves it. Whenever someone comes  home she still drags them to class.
Alhamdulillah I got to post. May Allah guide us to the straight path and make our time Barakath. Aameen.

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  1. Assalamu alaykum
    Masha allah, they look great.Pray that Sweetie get along with you until the end...


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