Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kitchen Time!!!

Assalamu Alaikum

I gave two weeks holiday for my nursery, so i thought to have some activity in the kitchen with $weetie. We had a lot of fun and love the moments we spent together. 

Helping Ummi

$weetie washing a spoon

Another day, cutting vegetables
Cutting Beans.
See her tongue poking out, if she does anything interesting her tongue comes out. love it!!  
Note the tongue ha? lol

Cutting tomatoes

Found a Caterpillar 
A closer look

Then i thought of doing something very interesting for her, so downloaded some printable kitchen items flash cards (but not satisfy with it), and a kitchen related simple story in Arabic Curriculum. If you want you could download it here. After the flash cards activity i found some cute flash cards, but i was late. If you want to check them out click here

With the flash cards!!

So this is a pretty kitchen set that my mother bought from Makkah 10 years ago, which she loves it and kept in her hall cupboard. We used this a bit to learn the names of the kitchen items.

These are my flash cards
She recognized the items when i explained to her and she kept the cards where it fits. 

Then she played a little.

$weetie's tea time with Ummi

And the set is back to where it belongs. $weetie's really missing  it

Some real tea time!!

Yes!! a very simple story to bake a cake & she loved it!!!

It says the items we need to bake a cake in a childish way.
She saw the pictures and pointed to the items 

Pointed to the ingredients.

Now let's get started!!
Whisked the sugar & the flour together
Then the eggs one at a time.
After everything is combined mix the baking powder with the flour

And then slowly add the flour with the batter
And then whisk or fold it with a spatula.
(she wants to whisk so i let her)
Pour the vanilla essence, fold it.
And then add the milk, fold well.

I thought of baking a cake, and changed my mind to make cupcakes coz its cute, small  and she loves them.
Put the batter in a piping bag and fill the cups. 

After baking, made the icing till they cool.  
Alhamdulillah!! cupcakes ready for tea.She shared them with her cousins and everybody loved it.

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  1. Your yummy cakes really making my mouth watering, Bareerah look funny with her tongue out same like when my little soldier,s tongue when in work.


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