Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Arabic with Ice

Assalamu Alaikum

We did an ice activity with Arabic Alphabet letters. I filled a plastic bucket of water and dropped all the Arabic Alphabets in and froze it overnight in the freezer. When I presented it to $weety she very excited and asked "what did you do ummi?" and went right away to explore it without waiting for the answer. 

Finding and naming the letters which are hidden and talked about how the ice felt, "very coool ummi!!!" 

Then I asked her "would you like to take the letters out?" she said "No ummi that will come out". So she waited and waited and lost her patience, took a hammer and banged!!  

She also chipped some ice with a screw driver.

And then we tried it with some salt on the ice

Subhanallah it was amazing, how the salt makes the ice melt fast and it also created ravines as it melts.

At last a letter popped out

I was admiring the effects on the ice made by the letters and salt, but $weety was so interested in taking the letters out.

So we tried it with water and $weety added salt in it.

trying to pull some letters out

Some letters sticking out 

Finally all the letters was free.

When $weety takes a letter out she would name it and I would ask what object will start from this letter? Alhamdulillah she answered it all. $weety knows her letters very well, but I needed her to revise it with a fun activity going along without realizing that i'm revising, coz she hates revising.

Alhamdulillah I can see $weety progressing in Arabic. She is pronouncing her Makhraj well and is writing the letters in order too. Below are the homework worksheets given by her Muallimah. Once I explained her what we must do, she ran to the class and said me not to come while she finishes. I was like "oh my god I need to do a lot of erasing". After a while she came up with these.

I know the "Raa" and "Zaa" must be other side, but this is what she wrote and I don't want to disappoint her.

I was very happy and speechless, I was hoping up and down with excitement and gave a lot of hugs and kisses to my dear daughter who wrote this without any fuss and any mistakes (except for the "Raa" and "Zaa". Coz writing is not her thing, not at all, but Alhamdulillah what I realized here and learned with my $weety is for everything Allah has kept a time, before that we couldn't expect everything will come as we wish. All we could do is keep up what we do and raise our hands to the one who is doing everything. 

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