Friday, May 9, 2014

Pistachio Fish Craft

Assalamu Alaikum

From the day I started Homeschooling, I also started to collect things that can be recycled or things that I can use for crafts, and specially anything that I can DIY. So in that case I had lots of pistachio shells that I collected, and planned to do a craft with it. The main reason for this craft was, $weety was not in a friendly mood on that day so this was to cheer her up.

Drew a Fish 

And the pasting was also going with some fuss (She wants to do and then doesn't, but then again she wants. Oh my! I couldn't forget that day)

After the pasting was finished I let it dry for one day and the next day I marked the colors and  $weety was ready to paint (today she was OK:)

Mashallah her moaning and whining just turned into a lovely fish.

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